Showcasing success


When‭ ‬the New Year comes‭, ‬everyone’s eyes get‭ ‬focussed especially to know what had been Dubai’s‭ ‬success in the previous year‭. ‬

Civil‭ ‬aviation has remained a‭ ‬symbol of pride and achievement for Dubai‭.  ‬The aviation industry‭ ‬has remained in the midst of spectacular growth in line‭ ‬with the government’s vision of transforming Dubai into the‭ ‬global aviation hub‭. ‬

Dubai’s‭ ‬share in the future growth‭ ‬will be very strong‭. ‬Dubai Airports forecasts that passenger demand‭ ‬could exceed 190‭ ‬million passengers a year by 2030‭. ‬This‭ ‬is expected to climb to over 260‭ ‬million by 2040‭ ‬and as high as 309‭ ‬million by 2050‭.‬

A‭ ‬vital‭ ‬element of Dubai’s success story has been its ability‭ ‬to think and plan ahead of time‭.  ‬The seed of‭ ‬the civil aviation that was sown in the middle of‭ ‬the vast Arab desert at a time when the means‭ ‬of livelihood and infrastructure minimalist has blossomed into a huge‭ ‬tree with its roots not only gaining solid grounds but‭ ‬providing opportunities for other sectors to flourish alongside‭. ‬

Open‭ ‬Skies‭ ‬has remained the frontline of our winning strategy for the‭ ‬civil aviation development‭,  ‬including‭  ‬airports‭ ‬and airspace management‭, ‬expansion of air connectivity for the movement‭ ‬of both human and trade across the world‭. ‬What we‭ ‬have is an all-encompassing strategy that includes capacity expansion‭, ‬sustainable development‭, ‬customer-centric facilities and capability to overcome challenges‭ ‬and set new benchmarks‭. ‬







   Mohammed Abdulla Ahli

Mohammed Abdulla Ahli