Safety is our priority


Dubai‭ ‬has been witnessing‭ ‬a consistently strong growth in air passenger numbers‭, ‬with an‭ ‬average of more than 7‭ ‬per cent annually‭.  ‬Cargo volumes also‭ ‬continue to rise‭.‬

To‭ ‬meet the needs of growth in‭ ‬air passenger numbers and cargo volumes‭, ‬Dubai is expanding its‭ ‬facilities‭. ‬

Dubai‭ ‬World Central‭, ‬Dubai’s second airport‭, ‬saw 29.5‭ ‬per cent growth in passenger traffic in the first quarter‭ ‬of this year with nearly 334,000‭ ‬passengers‭. ‬As the expansion‭ ‬of passenger terminal completes‭, ‬it will have the capacity to‭ ‬handle over 26‭ ‬million passengers‭. ‬Capacity expansion‭, ‬growth in passenger‭ ‬numbers as well as cargo and increased aircraft movement‭, ‬have‭ ‬made UAE and Dubai’s aviation sector one of the‭ ‬most prominent aviation sectors in the world‭. ‬

At‭ ‬the DCAA‭, ‬this means a higher responsibility of ensuring safety of Dubai’s skies‭. ‬

The‭ ‬UAE has been ranked the highest in‭ ‬the world in compliance with international aviation safety standards by‭ ‬the International Civil Aviation Organisation‭ (‬ICAO‭). ‬

Aviation‭ ‬safety has always‭ ‬been our top priority and we have been enhancing our‭ ‬safety and security in Dubai’s airspace in accordance with‭ ‬international standards‭. ‬We use the latest smart technology and our‭ ‬highly trained staff conduct regular inspections and ensure highest level‭ ‬of aviation safety and security in all aspects‭.‬

I‭ ‬would‭ ‬like to thank all our stakeholders and employees who work‭ ‬with strong commitment to give more than their best and help us achieve our goals‭. ‬



Mohammed Abdulla Ahli

Mohammed Abdulla Ahli