Excellence in all areas


The‭ ‬aviation sector’s‭ ‬importance to our economy underscores the need to maintain excellence‭ ‬across all areas of operations‭. ‬We need to stay ahead‭ ‬of the requirements that would arise with future growth and‭ ‬developments in this sector‭.‬

Worldwide‭, ‬passenger numbers are projected to‭ ‬cross 7.2‭ ‬billion by 2035‭, ‬nearly double of what the‭ ‬industry is handling at present‭. ‬In Dubai particularly‭, ‬the aviation‭ ‬sector has been witnessing a higher than global growth in‭ ‬all areas‭.‬

In‭ ‬order to manage this growth effectively‭, ‬we‭ ‬need to make best and innovative use of latest smart‭ ‬technologies and maintain the standards of security and safety and‭ ‬continue working toward excellence‭.‬

At‭ ‬the DCAA‭, ‬we see the‭ ‬challenges of future growth as opportunities‭. ‬And‭, ‬as our leadership‭ ‬has inspired us‭, ‬we are continuously working on the path‭ ‬to excellence and to stay 10x ahead of others‭.‬

The‭ ‬culture of excellence and innovation is embedded in our organization‭ ‬and the achievements of each department are a testimony to‭ ‬this‭.‬


The‭ ‬efficiency of the Air Transport and International Affairs‭ ‬Sector has made the DCAA the only civil aviation authority‭ ‬in the world which completes the procedures of granting landing‭ ‬permissions for non-scheduled operations within half an hour‭. ‬I‭ ‬would like to congratulate the department and employees at the‭ ‬DCAA for giving beyond their best and contribute to our‭ ‬success‭. ‬

This‭ ‬is just one of the many achievements we look forward to in future‭. ‬





Mohammed Abdulla Ahli

Mohammed Abdulla Ahli