An Endless Task 

For‭ ‬the regulators‭, ‬overseeing the civil aviation industry‭ ‬has remained an endless task due to the new technologies‭ ‬coming on board on a regular basis‭.  ‬Every wave of‭ ‬aviation innovation looks like a page of a science fiction‭ ‬becoming a reality‭, ‬from flying taxis to drones and hypersonic‭ ‬flights‭. ‬The industry has been increasingly adopting Next-Gen technologies‭ ‬across the board to ensure a safe and secure air‭ ‬travel‭. ‬Alongside‭, ‬it is also working to improve the regulations‭ ‬in different domains like autonomous air vehicles‭. ‬

Dubai‭ ‬continues to‭ ‬lead in adopting technologies and innovations which are good for‭ ‬the aviation business and be in sync with the vision‭ ‬of good governance and excellence‭. ‬

At‭ ‬the Dubai Civil Aviation‭ ‬Authority‭ (‬DCAA‭), ‬we have remained in the forefront to ensure‭ ‬that our multiple stakeholders adhere to sets of practices‭, ‬regulations‭ ‬and standards in the aviation industry given its critical importance‭ ‬to our economy‭. ‬The standards and regulations necessary for ensuring‭ ‬safe and efficient air transport‭, ‬set by the ICAO‭, ‬GCAA‭ ‬and the Government of Dubai‭, ‬are implemented in the emirate‭ ‬without any compromises‭.  ‬Technology is helping the air transport industry‭, ‬both on the ground and in the air‭. ‬The civil‭ ‬aviation industry has been the early adopters of technologies like‭ ‬Artificial Intelligence‭, ‬Internet of Things‭ (‬IoT‭), ‬Blockchain and Machine Learning‭. ‬

Dubai‭ ‬is the first city in the world to monitor‭ ‬drones in its airspace and also legally permitting drone flying‭. ‬The emirate also carried out testing on a proof-of‭-‬concept for air taxis which it intends to introduce as‭ ‬a mode of public transport as early as 2020‭. ‬Dubai‭ ‬is also open to the concept of remote air traffic‭ ‬control‭. ‬The DCAA remains in the forefront of steadily introducing‭ ‬online services for the industry stakeholders through its web portal‭.  ‬For the first time in the world‭, ‬DCAA also authorised‭ ‬a HAPS flight in the UAE airspace‭. ‬We are not‭ ‬resting on our hard-earned laurels‭, ‬but strongly feels we‭ ‬have many more miles to cross in our journey of excellence‭. ‬













Mohammed Abdulla Ahli

Mohammed Abdulla Ahli