For A Competitive Edge

Airports‭ ‬around the world are increasingly focused on having efficient operations‭...‬‭, ‬enlarged security and enhanced constituent services to meet the ever‭-‬increasing volume of passengers and cargo‭.  ‬

No‭ ‬matter how sleek‭ ‬and contemporary its architecture and design‭, ‬an airport is always‭ ‬going to be judged by its service standards and the‭ ‬capability to handle peak periods and irregular operations‭.  ‬The airport‭ ‬operators are working towards increasing productivity and profitability of their‭ ‬facilities‭. ‬

Dubai’s‭ ‬two international airports are gearing up to‭ ‬serve up to 146‭ ‬million passengers by 2025‭. ‬It has‭ ‬been rightly said that we do not want an airport‭ ‬for Dubai‭, ‬but we want Dubai to be an airport‭ ‬for the world‭. ‬Looking to the future is embedded in‭ ‬the corporate culture of our government‭. ‬

Our‭ ‬vision and strategic‭ ‬planning are aligned with the Dubai 2021‭ ‬plan‭, ‬which clearly‭ ‬outlines the road towards a smart and sustainable Dubai that‭ ‬holds a leading position in the world’s economy‭.  ‬Our‭ ‬strategic plan aspires to establish Dubai as an international aviation‭ ‬hub‭, ‬and to ensure its airports are the safest‭, ‬most‭ ‬advanced and innovative on a global level‭. ‬DCAA aims to‭ ‬increase its investment in the field of technology and research‭ ‬in order to develop services and procedures that ensure customer‭ ‬happiness and satisfaction‭.  ‬

A‭ ‬time-tested platform to reach out‭ ‬to the world and the civil aviation industry is the‭ ‬Airport Show which is held annually in Dubai which is‭ ‬being supported by DCAA‭. ‬The Authority has utilised the exhibition‭ ‬to showcase its various initiatives in the civil aviation domain‭, ‬especially the smart applications and customer services‭. ‬This exhibition‭, ‬along‭ ‬with Dubai Airshow‭, ‬among the two major exhibitions that we‭ ‬utilize to showcase our services‭, ‬including e-Services to the‭ ‬world‭. ‬

At‭ ‬this year’s show‭, ‬we will be unveiling‭ ‬to the public several services‭.   ‬Our participation in the Airport‭ ‬Show is in line with our objectives of benefiting from‭ ‬the latest knowledge and expertise along with the best practices‭ ‬in managing air traffic growth‭. ‬Our active role in the‭ ‬success of the Airport Show also reflects our ambition to‭ ‬make Dubai the global aviation hub‭.‬











   Mohammed Abdulla Ahli

Mohammed Abdulla Ahli