Success story


As‭ ‬the Dubai Airshow is all set‭ ‬to mesmerise the world with its unique features‭, ‬business deals‭ ‬and spectacular flight displays‭, ‬the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority‭ (‬DCAA‭)‬takes honour in being associated with this prestigious international event‭ ‬and contributing to its success‭.‬

Since‭ ‬its inception around three decades‭ ‬ago‭, ‬the Dubai Airshow has recorded an unprecedented growth‭, ‬mirroring the‭ ‬rise of Dubai’s aviation industry‭. ‬The show has established‭ ‬itself as world class exhibition showcasing the latest and greatest‭ ‬in military‭, ‬general and commercial aviation‭.‬

Dubai‭ ‬Airshow enjoys boundless‭ ‬support on all public and private levels‭, ‬starting with the‭ ‬leadership represented by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al‭ ‬Maktoum‭, ‬Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and‭ ‬Ruler of Dubai‭, ‬who always stresses on the strategic role‭ ‬of the aviation industry in achieving the comprehensive development of‭ ‬UAE and the Middle East Region‭.‬

The‭ ‬DCAA‭, ‬guided by‭ ‬His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum‭, ‬in association‭ ‬with other government departments‭, ‬plays an important role in ensuring‭ ‬the safety of skies during this mega event‭, ‬which includes‭ ‬spectacular daily air displays from UAE and international aerobatic teams‭, ‬airlines and airforce‭. ‬

I‭ ‬would like to thank all stakeholders‭ ‬and the employees of the DCAA‭, ‬who ceaselessly work toward‭ ‬ensuring the success of the Air Show‭.‬

I‭ ‬wish Dubai Airshow success‭.‬




Mohammed Abdulla Ahli

Mohammed Abdulla Ahli