Aviation in‭ ‬a Smart City


The‭ ‬UAE’s aviation sector now‭ ‬contributes around 15‭ ‬percent to the country’s GDP‭.  ‬A‭ ‬report says the total investment in the sector is expected‭ ‬to exceed AED1‭ ‬trillion within the next two decades‭, ‬nearly‭ ‬doubling from the current value that’s between AED500‭ ‬billion‭ ‬and AED600‭ ‬billion‭. ‬The ongoing airport developments in the UAE have‭ ‬been valued at a total of AED85‭ ‬billion to‭ ‬increase the airports’‭ ‬capacity to 300‭ ‬million passengers per year‭.‬

As‭ ‬the aviation gains unfaltering momentum‭, ‬we have been working‭ ‬in ensuring that the industry remains on the right tracks‭.  ‬We are working in line with the Dubai’s vision of becoming‭ ‬a smart city‭. ‬An impressive line-up of services‭ ‬have already been made online with wider acceptance by the‭ ‬industry players‭. ‬We have revamped the rules and regulations in‭ ‬line with the changing times and need‭. ‬

Two‭ ‬projects‭ ‬worth‭ ‬mentioning as standing out‭. ‬We just implemented the Skytrax anti‭-‬drone system to monitor registered drones and prevent them from‭ ‬causing cost-heavy shutdowns at Dubai airports‭. ‬No other city‭ ‬has perhaps worked as hard to monitor and prevent rogue‭ ‬drone activity‭.  ‬The DCAA monitors drones in real-time‭, ‬24‭ ‬hours a day‭. ‬

We‭ ‬are also working on self-flying‭ ‬taxis‭. ‬Dubai has already tested the world’s first self‭-‬flying taxi‭. ‬The first‭ ‬“proof of concept flight”‭ ‬of the‭ ‬new two-seater‭, ‬self-flying taxi or Autonomous Air Taxi‭ (‬AAT‭) ‬will help the launch‭ ‬of‭ ‬the world’s first self‭-‬flying taxi service across the city‭. ‬The RTA will collaborate‭ ‬with the General Civil Aviation Authority‭ (‬GCAA‭) ‬and the DCAA‭ ‬to ensure that the operational requirements for implementing AAT services‭ ‬are put in place‭. ‬

Dubai‭ ‬is well-poised to be‭ ‬a leader among 177‭ ‬other Smart Cities‭.  ‬The emirate had‭ ‬been the world’s top three model smart cities‭, ‬pioneering‭ ‬in different public and private services to make the emirate‭ ‬the happiest city on‭ ‬earth‭. ‬The UAE has the smartest‭ ‬cities in the MENA region‭, ‬as stated by a study‭ ‬by the McKinsey Global Institute‭. ‬The amazing growth highlights our‭ ‬enlarged role and responsibilities as aviation remained in focus‭ ‬by the government‭. ‬We hope that by 2020‭ ‬Dubai will‭ ‬be the Number One aviation capital of the world‭. ‬













   Mohammed Abdulla Ahli

Mohammed Abdulla Ahli