Making the most‭ ‬of technology


Specialised‭ ‬exhibitions of an industry are‭ ‬a great way to reach out to a target market‭, ‬create brand awareness and promote products and services to a‭ ‬broader group‭. ‬

The‭ ‬Dubai Civil Aviation Authority‭ (‬DCAA‭) ‬and its predecessor have been in the forefront in‭ ‬participating at the exhibitions‭. ‬Our exhibition calendar is selected to‭ ‬reflect the current developments and services which needs to be‭ ‬popularised‭. ‬

A‭ ‬good place‭, ‬perhaps‭, ‬is the Gulf Information Technology‭ ‬Exhibition‭ (‬GITEX‭) ‬right here in Dubai‭. ‬This year marked the‭ ‬11th continuous year of our participation in the 38-year‭-‬old exhibition‭.‬

In‭ ‬the past editions of the world’s‭ ‬third largest ICT expo‭, ‬we displayed smart services provided by‭ ‬DCAA to make the application process of its customers easier‭ ‬and faster‭.  ‬DCAA’s first e-Service was launched in‭ ‬2013‭ ‬which dealt with issuing safety and security related No‭ ‬Objection Certificate‭ (‬NoC‭).  ‬In 2014‭, ‬we launched 14‭ ‬smart services‭. ‬We changed many of our DCAA customer services to e‭-‬services‭. ‬

Today‭, ‬the bouquet of services include approvals for Aircraft‭ ‬Landing‭, ‬Dangerous Goods and Firearms transportation‭, ‬Issuance of No Objection‭ ‬Certificates‭ (‬NoCs‭), ‬Airport Security Programme/Heliport Security Programme‭ (‬ASP/HSP‭, ‬Aircraft Operator Security Programme‭ (‬AOSP‭), ‬and Airport Tenant Security Programme‭ (‬ATSP‭). ‬

This‭ ‬year‭, ‬DCAA launched‭ ‬“IIAN”‭ ‬service which is part‭ ‬of the processes of implementing artificial intelligence‭ (‬AI‭) ‬in our‭ ‬work through a system dedicated to inspectors to help them‭ ‬investigate aviation accidents‭. ‬Another launch was of‭ ‬“Synergy”‭ ‬system‭, ‬which‭ ‬smartly shows performance indicators and reports‭.  ‬DCAA also introduced a‭ ‬RPAS tracking system‭. ‬

At‭ ‬DCAA‭, ‬we remain committed to enhancing‭ ‬and implementing the strategies envisaged in Dubai Vision 2020‭ ‬and Smart Dubai‭.‬













Mohammed Abdulla Ahli

Mohammed Abdulla Ahli