DCAA takes innovation initiatives to the next level

Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) is taking innovation initiatives to the next level in line with the UAE’s National Innovation Strategy.

The authority has embarked on an initiative to inculcate the culture of innovation among one and all, to earn the epithet of ‘The Most Innovative People in the world’. The Authority has launched a remarkable initiative ‘Be Innovative’, a package of topics and ideas in order to enhance and instil the culture of innovation among its employees. 

“In order to achieve the vision and directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, we aim to inculcate the culture of innovation among our people so that we remain number one in the world by implementing their novel ideas for the benefit of all our passengers, customers and stakeholders and their safety,” said Mohammed Abdulla Ahli, Director General of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA). 

“We live in an era where only ‘the innovative’ can survive and get ahead of the others in a competitive world. 

This gains big importance in the aviation sector, which takes innovation as its slogan. That’s why we have taken on ourselves the responsibility to follow in letter and spirit the view of His Highness who said: “Innovation today is not an option but a necessity, not a general culture but business style. Governments and companies that do not renew or innovate lose competitiveness and control. They are bound to regress.” 

“We, at the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA), imbibed the culture of innovation with the great inspiration derived from His Highness, who always emphasised the need for innovation in every sector of economic activity because innovation is the driver of progress, and governments and businesses that fail to innovate will go backwards. Our innovation initiative is a practical implementation of the vision of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline and Group, who said Dubai is determined to be among the most innovative cities and emerge as a global innovation hub. 

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed pointed out that innovation is an essential component of Dubai Civil Aviation Strategy that reinforces the UAE’s focus on sustainable development towards shaping a knowledge economy and emerging as one of the most innovative countries in the world.” 

The new initiative ‘Be Innovative’ is inspired by our leaders.

“We are inspired by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s saying to be positive and innovative at work. So we came up with the idea of using his sayings from his book for the ‘Passport’ initiative ‘Be Innovative’, to be distributed among our staff along with Via Dubai issues for the upcoming months,” said Abdulla Ahli. 

“’Be Innovative’ is a continuous initiative to educate the civil aviation culture and innovation among our people. The initiative is to encourage a continuous thought process on innovation among the staff. I call upon them to fully involve in this initiative to support the cause that will take our country to the next level in Global Innovation Index,” added Abdulla Ahli. 

The ‘Be Innovative’ is a scheme, which is a passport-sized mission statement card distributed along with Via Dubai Magazine issues, to be collected and displayed by all staff at their work places in order to spread the culture of ‘innovative mind’. 

The Authority will honour with awards and appreciation certificates the employees who collect the largest number of ‘passports’, describing them as “people who imbibe the culture of innovation.” 

The initiative ‘Be Innovative’ includes plenty of ideas. One of them is sending out emails to employees about innovation. 

Bader Belselah

Bader Belselah

“We aim to inculcate the culture of innovation among our employees. For this, we are planning to send out ‘e-flyers’ to all employees once a week, talking about different topics on innovation,” Bader Belselah, Incharge of Innovative Initiative at DCAA, said. 

“In the first week, we will send emails quoting select parts from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed’s books. 

“In the second week we will send stories about innovative people, in the third week we will send video links on innovative people, and in the fourth week we will send examples of innovative people as models to follow,” Belselah said. 

In the future we will announce new ideas which will be submitted to Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Majlis, and our ‘e-suggestion’ system. 

Another idea is to use the biometric system i.e. when a person signs in for duty, the system will send him a message on innovation, a picture on innovation, or a vision that will guide to innovation. These exercises are to educate the innovation culture we have in-house,” he added. 

All these are part of DCAA’s endeavour in line with the National Innovation Strategy. Recently, the UAE was ranked 41st in the Global Innovation Index. This coveted achievement was made possible with the contribution of each and every government departments and individuals. The present initiative is expected to inculcate the culture of innovation among all stakeholders. “Whenever a new idea is suggested, our team will discuss it, review it and take it forward for action, with the respective heads of departments. We review the ideas in detail as to who will benefit from the ideas, the practicality, and then take them forward,” Belselah said. 

“Innovation is very important in the aviation sector, which will save time, cost, manpower and energy, and include smart applications that benefit all stakeholders,” he added. 

What’s your goal, Beselah was asked. His answer was. “For the aviation industry in the UAE, to be the ‘most innovative in the world’, and for us, to become ‘the most innovative people in the world’.”

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