‘Data analysis important to enhance safety standards’

There is no second opinion that safety is the top priority in the aviation industry and, like any other industry, data is very important to improve the safety standards in the industry.

Nowadays it’s big data world and there is no exception for the aviation industry where only a single twin-engine aircraft with 12-hour flight time can produce up to 844 TB of data.

Now the challenge comes to analyse this huge data and use it to improve the safety standards in the aviation industry. Sarah Westley, Head of Marketing and Sales, Flight Data Services, in an interview with Via Dubai, highlighted the importance of data analysis in the industry.

“We do flight data analysis which is taking data from the black box recorder on aircraft, we upload it to our data centre and we turn it into safety statistics trends and information for airlines,” she said. Westley, who was in Dubai to attend the recently held 5th World Aviation Safety Summit,explained: “We put this data into our website. They go to our website and view the safety information.”

Flight Data Services are the largest dedicated provider of Flight Data Analysis (FDA) incorporating Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) and Flight Operations Quality Assurance and are committed to advancing aviation safety through the innovative use of flight data.

Flight Data Services has around 130 customers across the global and receives about 4,500 flights data every day and 2.5 million flights a year.

The flight data comes through a wireless link soon after the aircraft lands, she said adding: “There is another option where maintenance man take data from the black box recorder and send transfer it to our secure server.”

The UK-based company has a lot of corporate operators from Americas in addition to around 70 commercial operators. “We have small operators as well as big commercial operators as our clients,” she said.

The 17 years old company, founded by Dave Jesse, has a team of about 45 people as flight data services as a whole based in Singapore and US. She mentioned that most of the data analysis work is done by a software and then data experts consider it for any safety issues.

The company’s Flight Data Analysis (FDA) service, Flight Data Connect, offers a scalable and cost effective service assisting the detection and identification of safety risks and trends, alongside the option to participate in the FDX programme – which is aviation’s only global data-sharing program from IATA. Talking about the benefits of Flight Data Connect, she said Advanced Flight Data Analysis tools making it easy for operators to identify safety issues.

Flight Data Analysis is the process of examining flight data to improve and monitor operational safety. Implementing Flight Data Connect will allow operators to compare actual flight measurements taken from ‘black box’ data against Standard Operating Procedures.

In the wake of safety collaboration with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to provide services for their new Flight Data Analysis Service, the company expanded its team last year with the opening of new Asia Flight Services creating a 24/7 operation with increased global coverage. 

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