‘Middle East aviation highly progressive in adopting latest innovative solutions’

Analogic Corporation, US-based leading edge healthcare and security technology solutions provider, made its Middle East debut of ConneCT, a breakthrough in checkpoint security scanning technology, during the recently held Airport Show in Dubai.

The company, which has been providing solutions to airports for over 16 years, views the Middle East aviation as a high potential market, that is keen on adopting latest innovative solutions.

Talking to Via Dubai, Mark Laustra, VP Global BD & Government Relations, Analogic, said the transformation being witnessed in Dubai is exemplary and Middle East cities are highly progressive when it comes to adopting the latest technology.

“The Middle East debut of ConneCT reflects our keenness to enter the Middle East market, which is very progressive. ConneCT is designed to dramatically improve security, lower airport screening costs and increase passenger throughout using an upgradeable computed tomography (CT) platform that makes it easy for airports and regulators to respond to changing security and operational requirements,” he said.

With features including an open network architecture, industry leading 3D imaging technology, and automated threat detection, it represents a transformative advancement in the security industry, comparable to the advent of smartphone in the telecom industry. “The existing technology uses 2D scanning, which means you cannot see underneath the bag without opening it, but in case of ConneCT, there is no need to open the bags and the system easily detects sensitive items and explosives. It increases passenger throughput significantly as it can scan over 300 passengers per hour compared to the existing 150 an hour,” said Laustra.

Asked about the challenges airports will face with international passenger numbers expected to rise to 7.2 billion by 2032, Laustra said airports need to not only invest in technology, but also integrate its use.

As airports worldwide explore new types of security lanes and tray return systems intended to streamline security process, Analogic says ConneCT was engineered to integrate with a wide variety of tray return systems, allowing airports to optimize checkpoints with the tray return systems of their choice.

The next-gen checkpoint scanner has an open architecture, allowing regulators to respond faster to threats. The ‘open system approach’, combined with Analogic’s superior 3D imaging technology, automated threat detection software, airport friendly user interface, and streamlined design will give airports in the Middle East the world class security solution they require, said Jim Ryan, senior Vice President of Security and Detection Systems. 

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