ACI releases the 2017 Airport Economics Report, confirming the financial health of the airport industry

Angela Gittens    Director General, ACI World

Angela Gittens

Director General, ACI World

Airports Council International‭ (‬ACI‭) ‬is‭ ‬pleased to announce the release of the‭ ‬2017‭ ‬ACI Airport‭ ‬Economics Report‭ ‬and to confirm that the financial health of‭ ‬the airport industry has remained intact despite the persistence of‭ ‬economic woes and geopolitical risks across global markets‭. ‬Revenues‭, ‬costs‭ ‬and the resultant financial performance reflects a degree of stability‭ ‬over a number of years‭.‬

Airports’‭ ‬financials for the year‭ ‬2015‭ ‬were in line with growth observed in traffic volumes‭ ‬for the same period‭. ‬While revenues and costs grew 6%‭ ‬and 4.3%‭ ‬respectively‭, ‬on a per-workload-unit basis‭, ‬this‭ ‬growth was at 0.1%‭ ‬and‭ -‬1.7%‭. ‬This testifies to the‭ ‬commitment of the airport industry to pursue efficient operations and‭ ‬sustainable infrastructure development to accommodate traffic growth‭. ‬Navigating the challenge‭ ‬of satisfying multiple stakeholders with diverse priorities‭, ‬the airport industry‭ ‬creates value for users and generates fair returns for investors—6.4%‭ ‬return on invested capital for 2015‭.‬

The ACI Airport‭ ‬Economics Report provides a wide variety of indicators on economics‭ ‬and financial performance of the world’s airports and is‭ ‬an essential reading for airport managers‭, ‬analysts‭, ‬investors and other‭ ‬aviation stakeholders‭. ‬As in previous years‭, ‬the report consists of‭ ‬summaries of and commentary on industry revenues‭ (‬aeronautical and non‭-‬aeronautical‭) ‬by source‭, ‬cost‭ (‬operating and capital‭), ‬and evolution over‭ ‬time‭. ‬In addition‭, ‬the publication has statistical annexes of all‭ ‬key performance indicators‭.‬

Airports are complex businesses that operate in‭ ‬specific physical‭, ‬cultural‭, ‬socio-economic and regulatory environments‭. ‬They are‭ ‬an integral part of the dynamic air transport system and‭ ‬their economic sustainability requires evidence-based decision-making‭. ‬ACI monitors‭ ‬the economic aspects of this dynamic industry that contribute to‭ ‬their sustainability‭. ‬The ACI Airport Economics Report continues to be‭ ‬the international reference document for a thorough understanding of the‭ ‬financial health of the airport industry‭.‬

We trust that this‭ ‬report will serve as a valuable reference manual for your‭ ‬organization over the next year‭, ‬not only to keep you‭ ‬abreast of the latest economic developments in the industry‭, ‬but‭ ‬also to inform your decisions and ultimately guide your airport‭ ‬along a path of continued economic sustainability‭. ‬

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