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Angela Gittens    Director General, ACI World

Angela Gittens

Director General, ACI World

Airports Council International‭ (‬ACI‭) ‬has launched two‭ ‬new Airport Service Quality‭ (‬ASQ‭) ‬tools to help Member airports‭ ‬measure‭, ‬benchmark and promote customer service excellence‭: ‬the Employee Survey‭ ‬for Customer Experience‭ (‬ECE‭) ‬and the ASQ Arrivals Survey‭. ‬

Both‭ ‬tools are add-ons to the existing ASQ programme that‭ ‬focuses on the experience of departing passengers‭. ‬The ASQ programme‭ ‬is designed for airports that seek to measure their own‭ ‬passenger service performance‭, ‬monitor it over time and in conjunction‭ ‬with facility and service changes and to benchmark it against‭ ‬comparable or model airports‭. ‬It is the only worldwide programme‭ ‬to survey passengers at the airport on their day of‭ ‬travel‭, ‬delivering some 600,000‭ ‬individual surveys in 41‭ ‬languages in‭ ‬84‭ ‬countries‭. ‬

Like the ASQ Departures Survey‭, ‬the ASQ Arrivals‭ ‬Survey gives airports the tools they need to improve their‭ ‬passenger service initiatives and the flexibility to adapt the programme‭ ‬through optional services‭, ‬such as‭, ‬analysis by terminal‭, ‬comprehensive insight‭ ‬report and customized extra questions‭. ‬The ASQ Arrivals Survey provides‭ ‬the full picture needed to enhance service levels everywhere in‭ ‬the airport‭, ‬delivering valuable insights on‭:‬

  • disembarkation‭; ‬
  • immigration‭; ‬
  • baggage reclaim‭; ‬
  • customs‭; ‬
  • infrastructure and services‭; ‬and‭, ‬
  • passenger profiles‭.‬

In addition‭, ‬airports‭ ‬have learned that to provide customer experience excellence‭, ‬the entire‭ ‬airport community must be involved‭. ‬As such‭, ‬ACI has developed‭ ‬the ECE and the ECE toolkit to support Member airports‭ ‬in assessing and improving their engagement with all staff working‭ ‬in an airport‭. ‬The ECE is an annual internal diagnostic‭ ‬designed to‭:‬

  • understand the level of commitment of airport staff‭ ‬to achieve the common goal of improving the customer experience‭;‬
  • provide a global index structured around 3‭ ‬determinants‭, ‬10‭ ‬components‭ ‬and 73‭ ‬questions‭;‬
  • assess whether airport stakeholders collectively have the‭ ‬desire‭, ‬ability and determination to deliver an outstanding customer experience‭;‬
  • help airports prioritize areas of improvement and to support development‭ ‬of an action plan toward the enhancement of the overall‭ ‬customer experience‭; ‬and‭,‬
  • allow airports to benchmark their customer experience‭ ‬initiatives and share best practices with other participating airports‭.‬

ACI‭ ‬encourages all airports to take advantage of the ASQ programme‭ ‬and its new tools to ultimately improve employee satisfaction‭; ‬the‭ ‬passenger experience‭; ‬and revenue growth‭, ‬as well as raise the‭ ‬customer service bar across the industry‭. ‬

Learn more on how‭ ‬to order the ASQ Arrivals Survey at‭: ‬www.aci.aero‭/‬ASQ-Arrival-Survey‭.‬

Learn more on how to order the‭ ‬Employee Survey for Customer Experience at‭: ‬www.aci.aero/ECE‭

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