Focus on Aviation Security

One‭ ‬of the key issues for our industry is aviation security‭. ‬

Today’s model is no longer sustainable given the predicted‭ ‬growth in air travel‭, ‬continuously evolving threats‭, ‬and passengers becoming‭ ‬increasingly dissatisfied with queues and intrusive measures‭.‬

The ACI continues‭ ‬taking a very active role in helping to shape the‭ ‬rules and ensuring that changes in security are communicated to‭ ‬airport authorities‭. ‬It is committed to working with regulators and‭ ‬industry partners to focus on key issues that have direct‭ ‬consequences for airport operation and design‭.‬

The ACI‭, ‬most recently‭ ‬at ICAO‭, ‬outlined its long-term vision for aviation security‭ ‬which focuses on more innovative procedures‭, ‬greater efficiency‭, ‬and a‭ ‬better passenger experience‭.  ‬We presented three papers to the High‭-‬Level Conference on Aviation Security which formulated recommendations on key‭ ‬aviation security priorities‭, ‬namely‭: ‬Vision for Aviation Security at Airports‭, ‬Joint Approach to Border and Aviation Security Threats at Airports‭ ‬and ACI’s Contributions and Updates to the Global Aviation‭ ‬Security Plan‭ (‬GASeP‭).‬

The Vision for Aviation Security at Airports‭, ‬produced in partnership with the IATA‭, ‬promotes the efforts to‭ ‬identify themes‭, ‬innovations and developments that will affect airport security‭ ‬in the long term‭. ‬As passenger numbers grow‭, ‬airports simply‭ ‬cannot keep creating more space and adding more and longer‭ ‬queues to accommodate more layers of screening measures‭. ‬

We need‭ ‬to find ways of being smarter about security and recognize‭ ‬that there is not one solution for all airports‭. ‬All‭ ‬airports and aviation stakeholders must work together to ensure innovative‭ ‬and integrated solutions are in line with regulatory requirements and‭ ‬are tailored to the unique conditions and facilities of the‭ ‬airport‭. ‬In the future‭, ‬it is expected that interactions with‭ ‬staff at airports will be centred on customer friendly tasks‭ ‬while machines will perform most screening activities‭. ‬Security screening will‭ ‬be based on risk assessments and advanced screening technologies that‭ ‬allow for effective and efficient detection of a greater range‭ ‬of threats in an ever-evolving threat environment‭.‬

The ACI‭ ‬is committed to take a leading role on the Smart‭ ‬Security programme following years of fruitful partnership on the programme‭ ‬with IATA‭. ‬The programme has delivered positive change in the‭ ‬effectiveness‭, ‬efficiency and customer experience of primary passenger screening checkpoints‭. ‬We look forward to leading this project as its second‭ ‬wave continues to develop detailed guidance on emerging technologies and processes‭.‬

Angela Gittens   Director General, ACI World

Angela Gittens

Director General, ACI World

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