What’s next for aviation‭? ‬ The future starts now

Invitation to the ACI Asia-Pacific/World Annual General Assembly‭, ‬Conference and Exhibition

Preparations are well under way for ACI’s largest event‭, ‬the ACI Asia-Pacific/World Annual General Assembly‭, ‬Conference and Exhibition‭, ‬taking place from 2–4‭ ‬April 2019‭ ‬in Hong Kong‭. ‬Over the two-day conference‭, ‬an expected 500‭ ‬aviation leaders will explore‭: ‬“What’s next for aviation‭? ‬The future starts now‭.‬”

In light of this year’s theme‭, ‬it is fitting that the conference will be hosted by Hong Kong International Airport‭, ‬home to one of the most important‭ ‬and ambitious runway projects of our time‭, ‬and in the Region‭, ‬which includes the Middle East‭, ‬that has some of the world’s most dynamic cities and fastest growing economies‭. ‬

Top speakers and panelists will explore the future to foster a creative and innovating platform for the exchange of knowledge and the exploration of solutions to some of the most pressing issues of the field‭. ‬Topics‭, ‬delivered in various dynamic formats‭, ‬will include‭: ‬

•‭ ‬Leaders’‭ ‬forum‭; ‬It’s all about capacity

•‭ ‬A new era in aircraft operations‭; ‬From urban air mobility and drones to supersonics

•‭ ‬The customer experience revolution

•‭ ‬The NEXTT‭ (‬new experience in travel technologies‭) ‬generation

•‭ ‬Innovation in security‭; ‬leveraging robust and agile screening solutions

The formal conference is preceded by a series of workshops where more depth can be provided on key topics of environment‭, ‬human‭ ‬resources‭, ‬forecasting‭, ‬cargo and slots‭. ‬

With contributions from aviation stakeholders from all regions‭, ‬the Conference promises to define how airports are anticipating‭,‬‭ ‬adapting and creating change so that they can continue to be economic and social engines‭, ‬connecting people‭, ‬culture and commerce‭. ‬

The world’s airports are complex businesses that will design a way forward amidst an ever-evolving landscape‭. ‬Our upcoming events will support the dedication and commitment of our members to thrive in a changing environment to deliver a safe‭, ‬secure‭, ‬and sustainable‭ ‬airport system‭. ‬

We look forward to seeing you‭. ‬

Angela Gittens   Director General, ACI World

Angela Gittens

Director General, ACI World

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