Airports should facilitate safe and comfortable travel

Airports should facilitate safe and comfortable travel

Every‭ ‬year‭, ‬the Airports Council International‭ (‬ACI‭) ‬World Assembly comes out‭ ‬with Resolutions on key subjects for airport operators that reflect‭ ‬the concerns and interests of the ACI members‭. ‬

This year‭, ‬the 29th ACI World Annual General Assembly in Hong‭ ‬Kong in April‭, ‬has unanimously expressed its position on a‭ ‬number of issues‭.‬

About mitigating the threat of unwanted drones‭ ‬affecting airports‭, ‬it passed a resolution that aims to provide‭ ‬a basis for airport action and appeals for coordinated action‭ ‬together with governments and other concerned parties‭. ‬

It also passed‭ ‬a Resolution encouraging airports to plan their role in the‭ ‬recovery of a disaster-affected area‭.  ‬A Resolution was also‭ ‬passed that affirms the commitment of airports worldwide to continuously‭ ‬strive for excellence in customer service and experience including accessibility‭ ‬for passengers with disabilities‭.‬

In order to encourage continued engagement‭ ‬with ICAO on policy development and capacity building‭, ‬the ACI‭ ‬gathering passed a Resolution that seeks to safeguard years of‭ ‬fruitful collaboration and to develop new joint ventures such as‭ ‬in APEX‭, ‬training‭, ‬events‭, ‬and the collection and use of‭ ‬data‭. ‬

This Resolution also identifies target areas for advocacy‭, ‬including‭ ‬environmental protection‭, ‬particularly the need for aviation to develop more‭ ‬ambitious greenhouse gas emission reduction goals to meet the objectives‭ ‬of the Paris Agreement‭.  ‬

Collectively‭, ‬the resolutions put a renewed‭ ‬focus on helping to ensure that airports can facilitate safe‭ ‬and comfortable travel for all passengers‭, ‬regardless of ability‭, ‬as‭ ‬the industry strives to meet ever-increasing air service demand‭. ‬They will also support ACI’s position this September when‭ ‬ICAO holds its triennial Assembly and will contribute to our‭ ‬success in representing our members’‭ ‬interests worldwide‭. ‬

The ACI World‭ ‬Assembly elected ACI World’s new Chair‭, ‬Martin Eurnekian‭, ‬President‭ ‬of Aeropuertos Argentina 2000‭ ‬and CEO of Corporación América Airports‭, ‬and new Vice-Chair‭, ‬Aimen bin Ahmed Al Hosni‭, ‬CEO‭ ‬of Oman Airports Management Company‭ (‬OAMC‭). ‬

We are fortunate to‭ ‬have their leadership and I can assure you that the‭ ‬World Governing Board and the community of airports will benefit‭ ‬from their valuable experience and acumen‭. ‬As the only organization‭ ‬that can bring together airports‭, ‬large and small from all‭ ‬regions‭, ‬to agree strong measures to address the issues that‭ ‬affect us all‭, ‬we will continue to be the effective voice of airports‭.‬

Angela Gittens   Director General, ACI World

Angela Gittens

Director General, ACI World

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