Priority for innovation in aviation security‭ ‬

Priority for innovation in aviation security‭ ‬

For the Airports‭ ‬Council International‭ (‬ACI‭) ‬and its members in all regions‭, ‬innovation‭ ‬in aviation security is a priority‭. ‬Threats against civil aviation‭ ‬requires proactive mitigation measures‭, ‬supported by effective risk assessments‭. ‬As‭ ‬threats and risk change quickly‭, ‬both industry and government face‭ ‬challenges trying to implement effective security measures in a timely‭ ‬manner‭. ‬There are areas where significant opportunities exist within the‭ ‬control of national authorities to address airport security challenges and‭ ‬encourage a climate of innovation‭. ‬

First‭, ‬by making national aviation‭ ‬security rules less prescriptive‭. ‬Second‭, ‬by conducting impact assessments and‭ ‬consulting with industry‭. ‬Third‭, ‬by including clauses in regulation that‭ ‬allow for new technology trials‭. ‬And fourth‭, ‬by reviewing the‭ ‬way technology is certified and approved for use‭, ‬particularly through‭ ‬the development of an industry standard‭. ‬The ACI will present‭ ‬its position on security and innovation at the 40th‭ ‬Triennial ICAO Assembly this month‭.‬

The ACI‭, ‬along with its‭ ‬members and industry partners‭, ‬is working on innovative solutions in‭ ‬the area of aviation security and facilitation‭. ‬The ACI-IATA‭ ‬joint initiative called New Experience Travel Technologies‭ (‬NEXTT‭) ‬brings together‭ ‬concepts and ideas that will transform the passenger and cargo‭ ‬journey to best fit and cater for tomorrow’s demand‭. ‬NEXTT will define how technology and advanced processes can deliver‭ ‬the needed service and capacity enhancements to the entire ground‭ ‬journey‭.  ‬

A project that falls under the NEXTT umbrella is‭ ‬ACI’s Smart Security programme‭. ‬Smart Security identifies innovative solutions‭, ‬shares best practices and drives change in passenger and baggage‭ ‬screening‭. ‬Many of the automated solutions we see at checkpoints‭ ‬today such as automated tray return systems and parallel loading‭ ‬were solutions proposed by Smart Security‭.  ‬

Best practices for remote‭ ‬image processing were also developed by Smart Security‭, ‬drawing on‭ ‬experience from early adopters around the world‭.  ‬Developing technologies such‭ ‬as Explosive Detection Systems for cabin baggage‭ (‬EDS-CB‭), ‬including‭ ‬3D screening using Computed Tomography‭ (‬CT‭), ‬are also being studied‭ ‬to help further development and adoption‭.‬

The ACI has recently‭ ‬launched a revamp of the Smart Security programme‭, ‬which will‭ ‬consider not only technology and processes available today‭, ‬but will‭ ‬also look to the future with a new long-term‭ ‬vision‭. ‬We will re-think the way that we view‭ ‬airport and aviation security and will look to encompass technologies that we see on the horizon‭.‬

Angela Gittens   Director General, ACI World

Angela Gittens

Director General, ACI World

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