Working smart to achieve DCAA’s vision

The Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) is actively working toward contributing to the Smart City and Smart Government vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. 

Automation of the services offered by the DCAA is among the major steps which the authority is adopting to shape its direction towards a smart environment. 

Hind Al Marzooqi, SMART Services Manager, Corporate Support, IT Department in the DCAA, said all these measures are focused on ensuring 100 per cent customer satisfaction by making the processes easier as well as more accessible. In an interview with Via Dubai, Hind shared her department’s roles and projects that are set to enhance the processes. 

Excerpts from the interview: 

Hind Ahmed Al Marzooqi, SMART Services Manager, Corporate Support, IT Department

Hind Ahmed Al Marzooqi, SMART Services Manager, Corporate Support, IT Department

What is the role of your department in the DCAA? 

Our department manages all smart services in the DCAA. Our goal is to contribute to the Smart City vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed in automating all services to smart as envisaged in the 2021 Strategic Plan. 

As of date, whole organisational services to external customers have been transformed to smart. 

Our role as the smart services section is to ensure that all projects follow standard IT best practices at all development stages laid out by the PM (Project Management) Standards. 

Can you share with us details of the major projects by your department in 2016? 

We are in the last stages of publishing our new website and a new mobile application where we have hosted complete regulatory services to customers and stakeholders. 

In addition, we are planning to launch our new intranet portal where DCAA’s employees can benefit by automating their internal workflows which will ensure a greener and paperless environment. 

As a first step of implementing the One-Government Initiative by His High

ness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, we have integrated DGR services with Dubai Police. At later stages, there will be more integrations with other government entities for the initiative. 

When will the new website and mobile app be live for customers, and what will be its impact on DCAA’s services? 

We are expecting all our smart services be live in 2017. 

DCAA’s customers and stakeholders will have complete flexibility and accessibility to DCAA information and services 24/7 on their palm and only a few clicks away. 

The smart service enables integration with other government entities joining services like: 

Happiness Meter; MY ID; E-payment; Open DATA; Public Cloud integration (Drop-box, social media, etc.); and Sophisticated search touch-screen on mobile app. 

They are focused on providing more of audio and visuals while keeping the content very crisp. 

The DCAA had a successful participation in the recently concluded Gitex Technology Week. Can you share with us the details of your department’s participation? 

DCAA has recently launched an emirate-wide initiative to regulate the use of commercial Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS). 

The purpose of the regulatory framework is to enhance the safety of RPAS operations, ensuring safety of existing civil aviation activities that could be impacted by RPAS activities, while simultaneously encouraging the responsible use of such technologies. 

This year, at Gitex 2016 we demonstrated a physical tracking prototype device called SkyCommander. This device is physically attached to any commercial drone, turned on and then flown as per the commercially approved DCAA RPAS operators permit and applications. 

The RPAS portal allows for commercial operators to log in via secure credentials and to update their information, RPAS details and to apply to DCAA for permission to conduct specific flights by defining a zone of operation. 

What will be your focus areas for 2017? 

As per our approved 3 year IT strategic plan, the following are our goals: 

ICT Goals

The goals are defined below within context to Cascaded perspectives: 

Dubai Smart City 

Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (Organizational Perspective) 



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