Runway Refurbishment

An‭ ‬airport has to keep its runways in good‭ ‬condition to ensure its smooth operation at any given time‭.  ‬Runways are subject to operational wear and tear given their‭ ‬high usage round the clock in airports like Dubai International‭ ‬which remained the world’s top airport for international passengers‭ ‬for the fifth consecutive year‭. ‬Runways are at the core‭ ‬of an airport’s infrastructure which includes the terminal building‭, ‬taxiways and the apron areas‭. ‬

The‭ ‬International Civil Aviation Organization‭ (‬ICAO‭) ‬considers runway safety to be one of the highest‭ ‬priorities for airports‭. ‬Dubai International has been upfront in ensuring‭ ‬the smooth and timely movements of aircraft on its runway‭ ‬24/7‭. ‬

Runway‭ ‬resurfacing is a common occurrence with airports around‭ ‬the world‭, ‬but at the DXB‭, ‬runway closures are more‭ ‬complex and needed meticulous planning‭. ‬

Over‭ ‬a 45-day period‭ ‬beginning mid-April‭, ‬DXB went ahead with the complete resurfacing‭ ‬of its southern runway due to the end of its‭ ‬design life‭. ‬To limit the impact on service‭, ‬the project‭ ‬has been carried out during the summer season‭. ‬Al Maktoum‭ ‬International alternatively absorbed the affected scheduled flights as well as‭ ‬charter‭, ‬cargo and general aviation operations‭. ‬

The‭ ‬Southern Runway Rehabilitation‭ (‬SRR‭) ‬project took off after the northern runway underwent a‭ ‬similar refurbishment in 2014‭. ‬Dubai Airports formed several operational and‭ ‬planning groups and task forces with representatives from across stakeholder‭ ‬groups to ensure smooth transition and operations throughout the programme‭ ‬at both the airports‭. ‬The entire operation remained as seamless‭ ‬as possible‭. ‬The SRR will add value to the airport’s aircraft handling capacity‭. ‬

I thank everyone who worked on‭ ‬the project to finish it as scheduled‭, ‬thereby showing that‭ ‬Dubai always finishes its projects on time to move ahead‭ ‬to the next level of growth‭.‬

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Ahmed bin saeed al maktoum

Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum