Strong economy


Dubai‭ ‬has outperformed global economic‭ ‬growth and in the next two years it is expected to expand‭ ‬further‭. ‬

Recent‭ ‬results of Dubai Plan 2021‭ ‬Annual Report‭ ‬‘Dubai‭ ‬Pulse’‭ ‬show strong economic performance of Dubai in comparison to‭ ‬other economies in the region‭, ‬which is essentially due to‭ ‬diversification‭, ‬a stable macroeconomic environment‭, ‬and also the emirate’s policies‭, ‬growth strategies and infrastructure initiatives‭. ‬

The‭ ‬strong fundamentals‭ ‬of our economy have helped it stay strong in spite‭ ‬of downward trends that prevailed worldwide in 2016‭. ‬

It‭ ‬is‭ ‬clear that the economy has been successful in achieving its‭ ‬goals of diversification‭. ‬Dubai’s oil sector now contributes less than one‭ ‬per cent to the economy‭.‬

Aviation‭, ‬one of the key‭ ‬sectors of Dubai’s economy‭, ‬now has a significant contribution‭ ‬to the economy‭. ‬The contribution of this sector continues to‭ ‬increase and is expected to reach 35‭ ‬per cent of‭ ‬Dubai’s GDP by 2020‭ ‬from the present about 30‭ ‬per cent‭ . ‬

Driven‭ ‬by the vision of our great leaders toward excellence‭ ‬and innovation‭, ‬Dubai’s aviation sector has been outdoing global‭ ‬growth‭. ‬

Passenger‭ ‬traffic at Dubai International‭ (‬DXB‭) ‬crossed 43‭ ‬million‭ ‬in the first half of this year‭, ‬up by 6.3‭ ‬per cent from last year‭. ‬The expansion of Dubai World‭ ‬Central airport will be completed by 2018‭.‬

We‭ ‬continue to‭ ‬make best use of the latest smart technologies and our‭ ‬investments toward expansion‭, ‬which will not only help us accommodate‭ ‬the strong growth in passenger numbers‭, ‬but will also ensure‭ ‬an unmatchable passenger experience‭, ‬speedy procedures and high security‭.‬

Success‭ ‬has never made us complacent and we are firmly focused‭ ‬to continue working toward achieving greater heights‭.‬

I‭ ‬must thank‭ ‬all stakeholders and partners‭, ‬and also every employee in aviation‭ ‬sector‭, ‬who work closely with us to bring our dreams to reality and for contributing to our success‭. ‬




Ahmed bin saeed al maktoum

Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum