Airport experience‭ ‬keeps changing

The‭ ‬airport experience keeps changing with new technologies‭ ‬making their way fast into our societies‭. ‬Airports around the‭ ‬world are going all-out in their efforts to offer‭ ‬passengers the best experience to win out over the competition‭.  ‬In order to excel in an increasingly competitive world‭, ‬airports‭ ‬are investing in technology to increase the ease of‭ ‬travel through the massive facilities by deploying smart technologies‭. ‬

Airports‭ ‬are‭, ‬however‭, ‬finding themselves increasingly constrained and working towards improving‭ ‬their processes to become more efficient and offer better experiences‭ ‬to the passengers‭.  ‬The process associated with airport security is‭ ‬being made less stressful and the services are being refined‭ ‬to facilitate the smooth flow of passengers and their baggage‭ ‬without compromising the security measures‭.  ‬

The‭ ‬emerging and maturing technologies‭ ‬like AI‭, ‬Big Data and IoT are helping make our‭ ‬journeys seamless‭.  ‬The use of technology is now across the‭ ‬entire spectrum of airport operations‭. ‬Airports are offering smart services‭ ‬like smart robots‭, ‬self-check-in kiosks‭, ‬beacon services‭, ‬real‭-‬time navigation within the airport via mobile phones‭, ‬automated parking‭ ‬facilities‭, ‬indoor wayfinding and border control automation solutions‭.‬

Dubai‭ ‬International‭ ‬is in the lead position in terms of utilizing newest‭ ‬technologies to make the journey throughout its precincts memorable and‭ ‬hassle-free‭. ‬That’s huge task considering last year‭, ‬it‭ ‬handled more than 89‭ ‬million passengers‭. ‬Helping passengers complete their immigration‭ ‬process within seconds is the Smart Gates‭.  ‬

A‭ ‬record 11.25‭ ‬million passengers last year used 128‭ ‬Smart Gates at Dubai‭ ‬International‭, ‬up from 5.5‭ ‬million transactions a year earlier‭. ‬

The‭ ‬multimodal biometric gates were first introduced in 2013‭ ‬to help‭ ‬reduce the average transaction time to under 10‭ ‬to 15‭ ‬seconds‭. ‬

Airports‭ ‬will have to continue working to‭ ‬make the journeys user-friendly and hassle-free‭. ‬Technology is‭ ‬going to help our efforts to innovate and enhance the‭ ‬seamless passenger experiences‭. ‬

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Ahmed bin saeed al maktoum

Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum