International Civil‭ Aviation Day‭ ‬

I am‭ ‬pleased to send this message on the occasion of the International Civil Aviation Day‭ ‬–‭ ‬2017‭. ‬

The‭ ‬International Civil Aviation Organization‭ (‬ICAO‭) ‬established the International Civil Aviation Day as a part of its activities on‭ ‬the occasion of its 50th Anniversary‭. ‬Thereafter‭, ‬in 1996‭ ‬United Nations General Assembly declared 7th December as the International Civil Aviation Day‭, ‬which is celebrated annually under different themes‭.‬

This‭ ‬day is annually observed to raise awareness of the importance of international civil aviation in the social and economic development of States and also the role that the ICAO plays in international air transport‭.‬

I‭ ‬consider the theme for this year‭, ‬“Working together to ensure No Country is Left Behind”‭, ‬is important in the light of the increasing international air transportation between States‭. ‬

The‭ ‬No Country Left Behind‭ (‬NCLB‭) ‬initiative reflects the efforts of ICAO to assist its Member States in implementing ICAO Standards‭ ‬and Recommended Practices‭ (‬SARPs‭) ‬and harmonizing its implementation to ensure that the States will gain social economic benefits from safe and secured air transport‭.‬


We‭, ‬in the Emirate of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates‭, ‬through our efficient implementation of ICAO’s Standards and Recommended Practices have ensured safe and secured air travel for the benefit of the travelling public around the world‭.  ‬UAE‭, ‬through its commitment‭, ‬in providing efficient and up to date facilities at airports and air navigation services‭ ‬etc‭., ‬ensure safe‭, ‬secure and environmental friendly global aviation network effectively contribute to ICAO’s activities through‭ ‬“No Country left behind Initiative”

I‭ ‬wish the International Civil Aviation Organization all success in its endeavors‭. ‬







Ahmed bin saeed al maktoum

Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum