Surprising us all

In‭ ‬1968‭, ‬His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al‭ ‬Maktoum became the world’s youngest defence minister‭, ‬years before‭ ‬the UAE came into being as a federation‭. ‬Then‭, ‬six‭ ‬years later‭, ‬a committee with him as its head was‭ ‬formed to manage the Dubai Airport and developing the emirate‭ ‬as an international aviation hub‭. ‬He decided to continue to‭ ‬adopt the Open Skies policy to pursue his dreams of‭ ‬making Dubai what it is now‭ ‬–‭ ‬a world class‭, ‬all‭-‬encompassing destination‭.‬

Since‭ ‬then‭, ‬His Highness Sheikh Mohammed‭, ‬Vice President‭ ‬and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai‭, ‬has‭ ‬been regularly visiting the ever-expanding airport‭, ‬thereby reiterating the‭ ‬importance of civil aviation to Dubai’s economy and development‭. ‬Recently‭, ‬he took time off to visit the iconic airport‭ ‬to personally review the pace of progress ahead of it‭ ‬handling the busiest summer and Eid rush‭ - ‬it was set‭ ‬to welcome more than one million travellers in just four‭ ‬days in July‭. ‬Passenger figures at DXB and DWC are‭ ‬set to increase to 124‭ ‬million by 2023‭.‬

He‭ ‬urged the staff to‭ ‬“raise the bar”‭ ‬in welcoming travellers‭ ‬and simplifying procedures for people flying in and out‭.  ‬The‭ ‬passenger numbers are set for growth as Emirates and flydubai‭ ‬have forged closer ties with a codeshare agreement‭. ‬Closer cooperation‭ ‬between the two airlines will boost the airport’s business‭. ‬This year the airport projects growth of 90.3‭ ‬million passengers‭. ‬Dubai now‭ ‬connects‭ ‬more than 240‭ ‬destinations across six continents with‭ ‬more than 100‭ ‬airlines‭. ‬

Sheikh‭ ‬Mohamed began his tour‭ ‬with the Departures Hall at Concourse 3‭ ‬where he stopped‭ ‬at Emirate’s check-in counters‭, ‬baggage screening facilities and‭ ‬passport counters‭. ‬He interacted with passport officers‭, ‬urging them to‭ ‬extend‭ ‬warm welcome to travellers‭. ‬His regular visits and tours‭ ‬of the airport represent a stimulus for all personnel and‭ ‬staff to provide best-in-class services for everyone and‭ ‬come up with innovative ideas that turn travel memories about‭ ‬Dubai more vivid and indelible‭. ‬He had rightly remarked that‭ ‬the world remembers only the Number 1‭ ‬and we are‭ ‬striving towards being Numero Uno‭. ‬








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   Ahmed bin saeed al maktoum

Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum