Many reasons‭ ‬to smile

By‭ ‬2025‭, ‬Dubai Airports is expecting to carry 143‭ ‬million passengers through‭ ‬Dubai International and Al Maktoum International‭, ‬which will help achieve‭ ‬the ambitions target of 25‭ ‬million tourists annually by 2025‭ ‬set by the Dubai Tourism Strategy to become one of the largest tourism destinations‭. ‬Over 15.8‭ ‬million people visited‭ ‬Dubai in 2017‭. ‬

Dubai‭ ‬bagged the sixth position in the‭ ‬world in the latest global ranking of tourist destinations by‭ ‬Euromonitor International‭. ‬The Top 100‭ ‬City Destinations Ranking shows there‭ ‬are now more tourists visiting Dubai than many other places‭ ‬on earth‭. ‬

Taking‭ ‬all parameters into account‭, ‬it has been‭ ‬predicted that aviation will contribute US$88.1‭ ‬billion or 45‭ ‬per cent of Dubai GDP by 2030‭.‬

Last‭ ‬year‭, ‬DXB‭ ‬was ranked the world’s third largest airport in terms‭ ‬of passenger traffic after Atlanta International Airport and Beijing Capital‭ ‬International Airport‭. ‬Dubai is catering for 66‭ ‬passengers per head‭ ‬of population‭, ‬which is higher than any other country and‭ ‬by 2025‭, ‬it will have an airport system which is‭ ‬busier than the current day London‭, ‬New York City or‭ ‬Tokyo‭.  ‬

There are many other reasons to cheer about‭. ‬A‭ ‬record of sorts‭, ‬Emirates Airlines has a wide‭-‬body fleet of 259‭ ‬aircraft flying to 157‭ ‬destinations‭, ‬while‭ ‬flydubai boasts of a fleet of 62‭ ‬aircraft serving‭ ‬95‭ ‬destinations‭. ‬

Dubai’s‭ ‬success story is worth its salt‭ ‬among over 3,200‭ ‬air traffic hubs that connect our world’s population centres‭. ‬

The Dubai‭ ‬Airport connects 240‭ ‬destinations around the‭ ‬world through 75‭ ‬international airlines and is expected to serve‭ ‬90.2‭ ‬million passengers in 2018‭. ‬The Airport Council International has revealed that the‭ ‬intercontinental connectivity of Dubai International is equivalent to that of‭ ‬the Top 3‭ ‬European hubs‭ ‬–‭ ‬London Heathrow‭, ‬Frankfurt and Paris‭-‬Charles de Gaulle‭.‬

The‭ ‬extraordinary growth will continue‭ - ‬and even‭ ‬exceed‭ - ‬its tempo as we work towards realising the ambition‭ ‬of being the world’s first global hub‭. ‬








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Ahmed bin saeed al maktoum

Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum